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Wii Recovery Dongle (SaveMii)

Using a hardware device to trigger a built-in recovery mode in the Wii System Menu. This can be used to recover many otherwise bricked Wiis. Nintendo calls the official version a "Waikiki adapter", and it seems to be a device similar to the USBGecko (An EXI to serial/USB bridge). Only its presence is necessary to trigger the recovery menu - you don't actually have to plug it into anything on the other end. The clone that I built only pretends to be a Waikiki, but so far does not offer any serial functions. Music by OverClocked ReMix and djpretzel: You can buy a device like this at

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  1. i want to buy this cause i don’t have nothing to do at my house cause school is out and i want to fix it my psp is fucked up,my ps2 controller is fucked up,nintendo ds is fucked up from the screen. and my ipod is fucked up from the screen. every thing i have is fucked up. so i want to get this and start playing some call of duty

  2. hey dude i have a fully bricked wii with the SaveMii recovery dongle and i put it in the GC slot but nothing happened can u help me please

  3. So , if i would got into that recovery mode , it can play autoboot discs without modchip?

  4. thats it? thats all it does?

  5. it sold out where can i buy this device????!??!?!

  6. Yes, you will need a legit copy of a game with a higher update on it that what u had b4 u bricked it. If u have a mod chip than you can use an autoboot disc.

  7. hi great vid 5 stars i bricked mi wii and i need a way to start the homebrew channel can i do this with this dongle

  8. hehehe dongle

  9. hey dude i have a full brick on my wii is the savemii thing really $54 bucks to buy it … well i guess its worth it but anyway does it work for a fully bricked wii i hope so or else im just waisting my money’s worth … but the only thing im worrying about right now is to get a stupid black screen gone and my nintendo wii recovered back to my wii menu!!! so does it work because im about to order it to be shipped to my place … oh and does the hardware get shipped to my house or what p. respond

  10. in the video is tested without a full brick,

  11. Ya like tehSnid said where can i get the recovery disc…

  12. I’m sorry my ignorance but where can I get that lil device?

  13. Don’t you need a recovery disc too?

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  15. olle marcan, bootmii cargo HBC desde la sd o lo instalaste de alguna forma desde la SD???

    so cargamos bootmii podremos usar los canales y programas que tengamos en la nand y necesiten de ios para funcionar?

  16. oooh donkey kong music!

  17. could you downgrade with these…. if so how? thanks

  18. @ilovsonic: Fucktard.

  19. He’s Marcan, one of the creators of the SaveMii. That IS the Savemii before it had a name

  20. oye ese sirver apra los brikeos totales o que

  21. yeah, DMG music :p

  22. if it’s similar to the usb gecko is it possible to flash some sort of special thing to a usb gecko? not that i want it now, u guy need all the money for hacking (especially with bootmii!)

  23. does pandora work for 3.4?

  24. interesting. did you design that your self or mod a savemii? and HomeBrewChannel… dude we cant google what we dont have a name for…so
    your best bet is to look at the savemii or spinoff of such. but from what i can tell this is an unbricker. not a loader. nor replacement for the zelda hack

  25. It’s not pandora an you can do the same thing with starfall, plug in a gamecube controller and hold Y to boot in the recovery menu. Usefull for those without the app.

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