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Wii 4.3u + 4.3e Homebrew/SoftMod & USB Loader Hack Guide

Wii Hack 4.3u Hack Wii 4.3u Wii homebrew 4.3u -------------- Hack your Wii 4.3U or 4.3E to play Wii games off an external USB HDD, with the quickest method. If you softmodded then update, you need to downgrade! Wii 4.3 PDF Guide [SoftMod, USBLoader] Wii 4.3 SoftMod + USBLoader Files Basically a guide with 5 Steps (6th optional step) to install the Homebrew channel, SoftMod your Wii 4.3, and several more to use an external HDD (USBLoader) to play your Wii games. You can fit an average of 250 Wiigames in a 1 TB HDD! tags: xbox xbox360 psp softmod Wii 4.3 Homebrew channel usb loader gx 4.4 4.2 4.1downgrade update
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  1. @djfatalotl You need to configure your settings for the game. Like which IOS to use and video settings.. You may want to use USBLoader GX instead of WiiFlow.

  2. For some reason the system detects my usb and the games but when I try and play the games it freezes. All I get is a black screen. Please help!!

  3. @ooxysteroo Have you tried Pimp My Wii? If you use it enough and get past diagnostics and stuff, you should be OK. Be sure to use its online updater. Don’t worry, it’s not a Nintendo Update ;)

  4. maruboro27, you are a fuckin baws. Thumbs up if you got your Wii 4.3 hacked!

  5. @pastelsandpaint No. I’m not trying to be condescending, but I googled “netflix wii softmod” and on the fourth link titled “wii – Lifehacker” is the answer.

  6. I already have the Netflix Streaming Channel on my Wii menu (4.3U).
    Will I brick my Wii if I stream Netflix through it after the softmod? (I’m planning to softmod purely for Wii flow off a USB HDD)

  7. @StarforceOnAir I’ve had another user ask that question, and he got it to work. You mean that you had a 4.2 softmodded wii and then upped to 4.3? Or you had a softmodded 4.3 and then upped?

  8. Is it possible to install Homebrew with this method, even though Homebrew got deleted when the wii is updated to 4.3U/E? I need ot know, because a friend of mine who makes Brawl Machinima is having technical difficulties.

  9. @djlulu Red/Black are both 4.3. If you got it from USA/North America, then it is 4.3U. if from Europe/Australia, then it is 4.3E.

  10. how do i know what version my Wii is? I got the new Red Wii. will it work?

  11. @lefestin96 It is optional. It is for after you are done hacking your Wii and want to free some memory on your SD card by deleting the ones you don’t need anymore, and then copying the contents of “Step 2″ to the root of the SD card.

  12. @lolaalyssia08 You can do both. If you want to load it off a DVD, use NeoGamma. If HDD, use WiiFlow or USBLoader GX.

  13. what’s the second step?

  14. can u run copyed dvds/game with this or only off hdd

  15. @dyonnegalata It works for 4.3u and 4.3e

  16. Happy new year and does this works with 4.3u?

  17. @lordbro7 I am not responsible for anything you do. But yeah, if you follow the guide, it is impossible to brick.

  18. can you garuntee i will not brick my wii using this method?

  19. @batuboy11 Yes..

  20. is that work on 4.3E

  21. thanks a tutorial that actually worked

  22. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone… Hope you all are enjoying your hacked Wii right now :)

  23. OMG THANK YOU <3

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