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install homebrew channel ANY Wii MENU! before 4.3 (bannerbomb)

I REMOVED THE LINK BCOS... although i wasnt trying to rip you off like some people (homebreware), team twizers preffered i didnt bundle their software HOMEBREW BROWSER IS NOT ALL THE APPS! GO TO you may need a win live account to download.
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  1. People, this DOES work on 4.3, basically, every way to install HBC on wii is possible through the older versions, but the only one I am not sure about Twilight Hack. All the others like Lego Indiana Jones will work.

  2. @vasquez123100 yes u do

  3. @moonshadow61 that is horrible your wii will probbably brick soon because the SYSTER FILES are corrupted something like this happened to me i had hbc on 4.3 and now whenever i load any channel or disk its just a blacks screen…………i must have messed around with the SYSTEM ioses ugh.

  4. listen guys, you know how nigahiga, smosh, pyrobooby, and fred have like millions of subscribers?
    well im starting a website and the main point is to get everyone free subscribers!!!!

  5. Can I use a 4GB Kingmax miniSDHC card?

  6. when ever i try to do this my screen turns black and says error #004 system files are corrupted

  7. @vasquez123100
    Ok. Well, i recommend at least 2GB. That’s what mine have.

  8. @SuperMarioFan10000 i ment more like space size like megabytes and gigs

  9. @Imaherny hey i have the original smb3 does that mean that i still have to pay for it in virtualconsole i prefer homebrew emulators haha

  10. @vasquez123100
    A normal size. There is a SD Card hole on the side, under the RESET button.
    Open the flap, and there it is. There shall be a SYNC-button above it.

  11. @theacleire isnt there game that you HAVE to update your system in order to play them?

  12. @SuperMarioFan10000 how big is my sd card supose to be?

  13. files are corupted yipee

  14. its v4.2 …

  15. @vasquez123100

    You want HBC, eh? Follow this video. You need an SD card and the described stuff here. Go get bannerbomb by Google it.

  16. @SuperMarioFan10000 ok i found mi firmware its 4.2u whaat do i do now?

    do i need internet?

  17. @vasquez123100
    wat 4 n00bish comment…

    Kidding. :P Whatever… all you have to do is to go to the Wii Settings Menu, (The icon down left) click it, once you’ve reached the Settings menu, look Up right. Version (Put frimware number here).(Put frimware number here) (Put Region Letter here) Mine is 4.3E… fucking Nintendo…

  18. @lowtone10 hey i need help i got my brand new wii and i want to know my firmware how do check it out?

    what do i need?

  19. @SuperMarioFan10000 hey i need help i got my brand new wii and i want to know my firmware how do check it out?

    what do i need?

  20. @MrRemie00
    Don’t disturb me with those super-annoyin’ struggle comments.

  21. @SuperMarioFan10000

    NERD OUTRAGE !!!!!!!!!!

  22. @lowtone10 oh never mind then my bad

  23. @MrDmoney156 well the file that we run is the hackmii installer, not hbc itself, so it should install hbc as a channel

  24. so everytime you want to use the homebrew channel you have to use the bannerbomb exploit? just like with the patapon2 usermode exploit?

  25. @PSpriteNooB
    The “This is illegal, y’know” comment? Then you ARE a n00b!
    It was a fucking joke, you fucking retarded n00b! What’s wrong, n00b? Misunderstood, n00b? How dare you reply to a joke comment with serious nonsense, n00b? Why, n00b? Because you misunderstood, n00b! Bam, n00b! LEARN WHAT JOKES ARE, N00B!!! So long, n00b, burn in hell, n00b, noone likes, you, n00b, bye, n00b, hate you, n00b… AND PLAY THE ZELDA CD-I GAME WAND OF GAMELON AND SEE WHAT I MEAN, N00B!!!

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