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How To Play Backup CDs On Disc Channel For Wii

here is the link (for 4.1 or lower) : here's the new link (for 4.2): you need the homebrew channel to get it see this video: winrar: Some of you guys says that message while installing "Please install cIOS rev07 before installing" if that comes up what your going to do is Download this file: or this this is better (if you have internet) once you did when it finnishes downloading..... open up the file (you need winrar download link up ^^^) in the archive the first file will say "SD Root" double click on that and two files will come up drag them to the root of the sd card.... then put the sd card to the wii..start the homebrew channel and install it....and your done!! try now starting the installation and the "Please´╗┐ install cIOS rev07 before installing" will not come up ^.^ Cd Burner link (ashampoo burning studio) : THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!
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  1. excellentt working pukka, installed both files and now my backups load up like the orignal disks/game.

  2. thanks!!! it works!!!

  3. lol im getting mario party 8 to!

  4. It just shows a black screen =/

  5. yo no matter what ios i choose… my wii freezes… please help

  6. @12partyboy uninstall homebrew it lets me do that

  7. @12partyboy unistall what? cuz i tried reinstalling homebrew channel ,but it wouldn’t let me, and pfft i dont know what to do now,

  8. @LugiaBoy223

    program= imgburn yes its free

  9. @PONYboy1up uninstall and install again

  10. where do i put the wads

  11. u replaced 3.3 with 3.5 , and u made my homebrew channel upside down, other then that, it worked, now how do i flip my homebrew channel back to normal?

  12. thx man

  13. @7amadino89 aha-ok

  14. @TheBo3azooz la m7amad

  15. ismic-a7mad?

  16. @ForcePirate04 im not sure but try it i think it warks because it worked for my cosin!

  17. WOW WARNING: this can acctually fully brick ur wii do it at your own risk u should put that in the discription

  18. can i play multiboot gc games with these?

  19. Retrieving device contents, please wait….ERROR! 9ret + -1)


  20. exception DSl occured?whats that?help please

  21. whats the link 4 tha cool video 4 version 4.2?

  22. thats cool!

  23. man please tell me where can i get the backup loader

  24. @musa6199 me too!

  25. @musa6199 you dont have to downgrade your wii. this works on 4.2 too. I have a 3 part tutorial that is so easy to follow, anyone can do it. Proper camera and DVD recording too.

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