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How-To Install Homebrew Channel on Wii 4.3U

A lot of people want directions on how to get Homebrew Channel back if they accidentally updated their Wii to System Menu 4.3. In this video, I demonstrate how I did it and you can too, I'm using 4.3U on a black wii. Yes it works on white Wii's also, the exploit does not discriminate your Wii's color. DVDX no longer works. Backups can be loaded in Homebrew Channel using an application called USB Loader. read about version histories and bugfixes: download most recent version of bootmii (fixed broken link on 10/26/2010) Homebrew channel: USB Loader: Any needed IOS's can be found: or Any image backup Wii games can be gotten from torrents: Check your SD Card compatibility: (link added 10/26/2010)

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  1. does it matter if i have a previous saved data in brawl and also do i need all files or jus the ones from bootmii?

  2. @mgracer48 yes

  3. u want to go to jail!

  4. @mgracer48 yeah but we dont care

  5. this is ilegal to hack on the wii?

  6. @krgrubbs what about bannar bomba

  7. or you can go here multiupload.c-o-m/76CMDOJUBG

  8. Maruboro27 has a noob friendly PDF guide for installing homebrew and usbloader. Files included too. Highly recommended.

  9. @workman845
    oh wait, go to another YT video

  10. 3 things, I DId Fu**ing all Of The An It Didntwork,
    2, Does this work with Mario Kart Wii?
    3 Does This Work With a 1GB SD Card? Oh and i Didnt Get A Zip File

  11. will this ruin the super smash game at all of what? plz answer as soon as possible

  12. download a fucking screen capture recorder. oh wait you’re using a mac. you’re obviously a noob

  13. yo man i tried to do this but it wont do anything with the card u kno wat im doing wrong?

  14. Are you jesus?

  15. I have a sdhc 8gb can i use it for this process?

  16. I have a sdhc 8gb can i use it for this process?

  17. yay i have same version. does it work with a 1gb sd card

  18. can you use a micro sd card

  19. Can i use a 2GB flash drive?

  20. you can’t do this without brawl?

  21. your ugly

  22. and can you download google earth to your wii to?

  23. can u download games from the homebrew channel directly or do u have to extractthme from the internet

  24. can I use my 4gb sd card or will it mess it up and its only 2gb

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