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How to install Custom Wii Menus (Themes)

How to install Custom Wii Menus The only thing what you need is mymenuify. With mymenuify you can install custom System menus. Here is the Download Link for mymenuify: MyMenuify Channel (Forwarder): Unpack it and copy it into the app folder on your SD Card. Here are the custom menus. Make sure that you download the themes for your Firmware. If you install a 4.0U theme but your Wii has Firmware 4.0E your Wii will brick! Themes for 3.2E: Themes for 3.2U: Themes for 4.0E: Collection 1: Collection 2: Themes for 4.0U: Collection 1: Collection 2: Unpack and copy the themes on your SD Card and simply install the theme you want with mymenuify.

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  1. @0815Runner I Installed Preiiloader When i Updated And I updated Normally Addn The Hombrew channel was there…

  2. @LoStPoL
    The Homebrewchannel didn’t get deletet when you have ver. 1.7 or 1.8. Have you updatet with pimp my wii or somthing like that or with a game?
    And an important question: Have you REINSTALLED Priiloader after upgrading to 4.3?

  3. @0815Runner when i did it it was 4.3 but strangely when i updated my wii it didnt erased Homebrew channel or anything…. FIX IT >:O

  4. @LoStPoL
    That’s strange that a Wii brick just because of loading mymenuify. I have 2 Wii’s and im using mymenufiy very often without any problems. If even priiloader dont work, then your only way to fix your wii is savemefrii. Which Firmware is installed on your Wii?

  5. @0815Runner no i didnt installed any themes and yes when i loaded mymenuwify it just did… and i have Priiloader and i did what u sayed to do with priiloader but i pressed and holded reset for 3 secs and nothing…. any suggestion or i kill YOU! >:|

  6. @LoStPoL
    you wii CAN’T brick when you just load mymenuify via homebrew channel. That’s just not possible. Have you installed a theme? If yes which one. Have you Priiloader or bootmii boot2 installed?

  7. @0815Runner when i pressed load mymenuwify everything went black and my wii wont start… i even tried pressing reset for 3 secs and nothing it wont work any suggestions or i kill u >:|


  9. @jacoi200 try downgrading

  10. @0815Runner i tried and its works thx :D!

  11. @DjangoShiny
    i don’t know because i don’t use softmii…

  12. does it works with softmii tweaks?

  13. @jacoi200

  14. does it work 4.3u

  15. @LoStPoL
    Have you installed a theme? Or do you just get a black screen when you start mymenuify?

  16. dude after i installed mymenuify i restarted my wii and i got this black screen and i cant do nothing my wii motes wont connect either… is it bricked or?

  17. @theMETAL013
    thx for the information, i will fix that theme.

  18. just a heads up, i have a 3.2U wii and everything installed and worked fine till i tried out all the themes. the ‘Eyes in the Night’ theme banner bricked my wii so i wouldnt mess with that one. not sure if any others do but the Zelda, XP. wiid, and darkwii themes work great

  19. i need a sd card to install homebrew channel?? how can i install it and usb loader??i need internet on my wii?

  20. its not working for my 4.0 wii and my wii is softmodded with preloader

  21. @0815Runner
    thanx man

  22. @MrRafusa
    I’ve never tried to install themes on 4.3 because i don’t use that Firmware. So i can’t really help you. Maybe i will try it for you later, i will inform you!

  23. i have the homebrew for 4.3u and i dont know how to use it can you help

  24. I tried it
    but it’s useless
    Did you mean
    Do I want to try several times and everything will be okay in the end, is that right?

  25. @ArabicSonic
    Just try it again, sometimes you get a black screen but that’s normal.

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