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How To Hack Nintendo Wii 4.3 Without A Game – Homebrew Channel Letterbomb Full Tutorial (3/3)

Follow Directions Carefully!!! Everything You Need to Know - Absolutely Everything Hacking Nintendo Wii 4.3 - Homebrew Channel, Bootmii, All Important Applications along with Hacking Wii Games Too! Full HD Tutorial to Hack the Nintendo Wii 4.3U 4.3E 4.3J 4.3K 4.3 with no games Sorry if I did not go into too much detail or instruction However, ask me anything in the comments below and I will assist you ASAP I did not focus on showing you people how to bring Wii Shop Channel Applications and Games into your hacked Wii Important Note: To Play Super Smash Bros. Brawl after hacking and retrieving Homebrew Channel, Initialize SSBB like normally, but take out your SD Card when the game loads because the hackmii installer will freeze the Stage Selection Also, after finishing the complete hacking, you do not technically need anything in the SD Card anymore unless you are going to use USB Loaders I recommend leaving the SD card with the hack pack in the Wii at all times though Enjoy your Hacked Wii! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: This Video Tags: How To Hack Your Nintendo Wii 4.3U Homebrew Channel Full Tutorial (1/3) HD Hacker Hacks Hacking Smash Stack Boot2 Bootmii Hackmii Installer SD Card Bannerbomb US Europe SmashStack Howto SSBB Team Twizzers HBC Stage Free Games ISO Pirate DARKCORP DARK CORP USB Loader GX CFG Configurable WiiFlow Flow NeoGamma Neo Gamma "Hack Free Wii Games" "How To Hack Nintendo ...

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  1. @MicrowaveSam Thanks, I watched this before the DVD tutorial. I do have a 06 wii, so it works, Thanks for everything Microsam!

  2. Yes!!!! Thanks alot!


  4. @SuprMrioWrldGuy Yes, they do work if you have a white wii on 2007 around. You can use ImgBurn.

  5. thx alot with the vid…helped alot cause you spoon fed us the good way to do things !!! iv’e hacked with help from you and worked fine but i still am at a loss with usb loaders i have a new 8 gig flash drive and nothing happens when i plug in to the wii…so ive just use the burn dvd-r now and that works fine but would like get get all the usb loader chanels going..alil more spoon feeding vids would help bro !!!

  6. @wiimaniak21 Super Smash Bros Brawl

  7. Great tutorial bro! everything went smooth since the beginning, no problems at all! keep up the good work! gretings from South America!

  8. do you just have to higlight the ones with the little book signs or ones with paer signs aswell but there all called smg

  9. hey i have a problem with imgburn

  10. what is the SSBB?

  11. Do DVD-RW’s work?

  12. @MicrowaveSam Excellent! Been searching for ages and still can’t an answer apart from learn Japanese.

  13. @MicrowaveSam Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

  14. @akasstan Glad it worked.

  15. @melaniemucho I will make an upcoming tutorial about how to watch DVD’s. I know you may have some problems. I will help you ASAP.

  16. @hymliu78 Actually there is a way I’m pretty sure. I’m going to make a tutorial about that solely.

  17. @adrian01ash your welcome!

  18. @Joshy23Q your welcome, kind sir.

  19. @LaoNickster Thanks! I tried to make a tutorial so that I just talked about as much as I could trying to explain everything and all the precautions for success!

  20. @asilaydyingfrik 1) You can download both. However, follow a video solely on Region Free to learn more which is important.
    2) Yes you take out the SD card when playing SSBB to work perfectly. You leave the SD card for other games. If you are using a USB Loader, you need to have the Sd card in the wii regardless of the game and then if you are playing SSBB after it loads, take out the SD card.

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