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How To Download And Copy Wii Games & Play Homebrew, No Mod Chip – Burn Games Easy!

Wii.AllReviewed.Net - Hey guys this is how I learned to hack my Wii and play backup games on it as well as homebrew games. It is really easy to learn how to download and copy and burn wii games and do all this homebrew stuff - you don't have to be a rocket scientist. I was surprised at how easy it was, actually. Just watch the video and I explain some stuff. As I say in the video, all you need is an SD card 2GB or under, and a computer that can write to the SD card. If you want to play backup disks, you need a computer that can write to DVDs, and you need to buy DVD-R disks. (DVD-DL (dual layer) for some bigger games such as Metroid Prime Trilogy). Then you just plug it into the front of your Wii (there is an SD card slot on the front under a cover) and follow some easy instructions to install. Then you can play homebrew, you can download and copy wii games and you can burn backup disks and play them freely on your Wii. Enjoy!
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