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HMN – Install Homebrew Channel on Wii Menu Version 4.3!!!

Hacking Modding Nerd: How to install the Homebrew Channel on Nintendo Wii Menu Version 4.3!!! Checkout my Updated Video on Wii 4.3 You will need: -SD Card -Super Smash Bros Brawl or Lego Indiana Jones) -You may or may not need a Gamecube controller 1. Download [HMN] Updated Wii 4.3 Hack Pack (3) HackMii Install v0.7 (with Homebrew Channel 1.0.7) 2. Extract with WinRar 3. Copy the Hack Pack to the SD Card (Don't insert SD Card into Wii yet) Step 1 - Load Multi Mod Manager Super Smash Bros Brawl - Smash Stack (4.3U) 1. If you have a Super Smash Bros Brawl savegame, back it up and delete from wii 2. Load Super Smash Bros Brawl, wtih SD Card removed, make a save file 3. Go to Vault then Stage Builder, delete all custom stages, exit stage builder 4. Insert SD Card, Go back to stage builder 5. LoadMii starts, load from SD Card - Press A 6. Select "Multi_MOD_Manager.dol" - Press A 7. [MMM] Multi-Mod-Manager loads (This may take several tries before it loads) 8. Select "Load another IOS" - press A 9. Select IOS80- press A *You need to delete all custom stages for this to work* *You may need to try this many, many times for it to work* or Lego Indiana Jones - Indiana PWNS (4.3U 4.3E & 4.3J) 1. Play Lego Indiana Jones, complete the first level, make a save game. 2. Go to settings, data management, save games, wii 3. Delete Lego Indiana Jones save game 4. Click SD, copy Indiana PWNS for your region 5. Play Lego Indiana ...
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  1. thanks you

  2. how do you you BACK UP a save game? my SSBB save file well it has about 127 blocks and i cant move it to my sd card so howdo i back it up?

  3. mais enfaite il faut juste suprimé la sauvegarde de ssbb et telecharger le pack hackwii 4.3 et le mettre dans une carte sd? svp repondez moi =)

  4. @StuUngar Upon further digging, I gather that my IOS 222 & 249 are STUB’s that MMM will not let me delete

  5. I have tried running USB loader gx and I get an error message saying I need some “222 or 249 cIOS”

    I tried using IOS installer, Hermes Installer & WAD Manager. Anytime I try to install CIOS’s, the wii remote loses communication and the app freezes. I’ve tried using different versions of all apps. I’ve tried IOS patch and nothing is working.

    I only have a limited knowledge of wii hacking. Does anyone know what my problem may be????

  6. @pattyaaron So you’re saying you can get the apps on 4.3? That’s good to hear! I’m just trying to get brawl plus

  7. @lolfast13 never mind i used something else

  8. my wii keeps freezing whenever i go to click on multi mod thingy someone please help.

  9. OMG you rock!!! I have so waited for a youtube vid on how to do this process. You thought right because SSBB is a lot easier to use for doing this process. I wouldn’t have used PWNS which is a bit time consuming and has a bit more issues from what I’ve heard for the modding process. But yeah I’ll give this one a try when I get a hold of a Wii system that has 4.3U — I’m assuming you can do this with newer Wii’s that already have this version.

  10. ihbc 1.7 looks alot cooler

  11. @1JayCutlerFan1
    I had the same thing, I copied the the SD card from another hacked 4.2u Wii and inserted into my 4.3u Wii, after performing the hack. That card was loaded with a hackpack called “WII 4.2 Homebrew Fix 2010-04-09″ and it brought with it all the apps!

  12. I do not know what happened, but I have homebrew, and everything working including USB loader, but my system menu is still 4.3u! and I skipped the preloader! Everything I have read says this should not have worked, but yes!

  13. I got the homebrew channel working on my wii

    I followed a 4.3 softmod guide exactly

    But now my homebrew channel is just bubbles, and I can go to bootmii but it’s not really doing anything… what do I do from here?

  14. can i sent you my sd card?

  15. hey i couldnt find any iso 41 or iso 236 when i tried it

  16. what winwar do u use

  17. CAN U USE A USB?

  18. @klaergeiz welcome

  19. do i need Indiana PWNS plzz reoly

  20. @12partyboy oh thank you

  21. i had my wii since 2006 and now its updated to 4.3
    and when i went to brawl in custum stage nothing happens

  22. @klaergeiz to open up zip and rar files

  23. Please Download My Updated Hack Pack (3)

  24. All wii remotes shut off at 3:30 and don’t work. I have to manually turn off the wii everytime -.-

  25. @domanicb he deleted his file and restarted

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