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[HACK WII] “LetterBomb” NEW EXPLOIT | Install Homebrew Channel on Wii 4.3 without games

HD 720p "Up until now the only way to liberate your Wii console and enable the use of homebrew with System Menu 4.3 was to use a gamedisc based exploit such as "BatHaxx", "Return of the Jodi" and others. Today we are announcing a project that changes this completely and removes the requirement for an exploitable game. In memory of BannerBomb, we present you with LetterBomb , a brand new System Menu exploit that will allow you to enable homebrew with the push of an envelope ;) (no stamp licking involved) This exploit reuses (and abuses) some of some Nintendo's Wii Messageboard functionality. :-) You will need: A Wii running System Menu 4.3 (E/U/J/K) A SD(HC) card with some free space Your Wii's WiFi MAC Address (available from your Wii's system settings). This is needed because the Wii will only accept messages addressed to its specific MAC address. A few minutes of your time For this very special occasion we have created an easy-peasy webpage that takes away some of the pain that is usually involved with getting homebrew onto your system: This webpage will ask you for some necessary information (such as your System Menu region and MAC address), and will then return a nicely packaged ZIP file that is ready for extraction to the root of your SD card. Simple eh? All that is missing from that point is a boot.elf file (that you will need to place in the root of your card), and you should be good to go. For your convenience we have an option ...
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  1. It works. Now were to start :)

  2. Correct me if i am wrong !!

  3. This works fantastic but attention i think this might doesent work on a sdhc card !!!

  4. I love you men if this work in my Dying 2.0US just updating now.

  5. Would this work on a brand new retail wii?
    Or does a wii have to be a certain firmware in order to mod it?

  6. thers no envelope :[

  7. Hi :) okay i have followed the instructions but i’m a little stuck. I have the homebrew channel but how do you get all those other programmes on the homebrew channel? I’ve been trying to figure out how to get them (Gecko ,Neogamma) and so on, but i cant find them anywhere :( I’ve clicked on ‘bootmii’, but i’m not really bothered so much abut that, just the homebrew channel and the programmes. any help would be much appriciated, and i think its jsut a stupid mistake i’ve made :/ Cheers

  8. he i found the red letter when i click on it my wii freezes? can i help me plz

  9. Hi nice Guid, but i din’t play on my wii like 2/3 months and i download the files and put it on a 2gb Sd card put it in my wii and if i go to the messages from yesterday i have notihng there cuz today is the day i strat up my wii (broken wii disc drive :( ) u know what to do must i waite 1 day I did set the datum on the enxt day still see nothing plz help Thnzx!

  10. @MrBunta1988 Choose your Wii region on (

  11. I have installed all the files on the SD card, i insert the SD, go to messages, yesterday, the red envelope with the bomb is their, i click it and my wii completely freezes. ive just bought the wii its 4.3e… any help would be greatly appreciated

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