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Gecko OS And USB Loader Channel Animated By UgotHacked

Here are my most newest wad files.Yes they are animated. The USB Loader GX revision 899 Gecko OS version USB Loader: Gecko OS: Yes the Channel music for both of then are looped. These Channel have been tested by 2 people all ready and there was no bick at all but i still recommend you get preloader/bootmii/starfall If you are wondering, no i did not unbrick my old wii, i got a new one. Credits to GUS for recording it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. can you hack on “backup” copies of a game with this gecko os channel? or do you still have to have the legit disc..

  2. This is 4.2 friendly right?

  3. @rexro98 Its a .wad file meaning that you need WAD manager

  4. how the frick do you install them?

  5. does someone knows look i tryed to map edit on a game but i need the save game of the game i tryed to save it on the game but i just get 2 bat things so i dont know what i need to do know shold i extract them or what?

  6. This is a dumb question but what do I do with the wad do i put it in my sd card and copy/move it to the wii system or just send me a link of instructions for me.

  7. how do u get gecko on the wii menu and how do u get usb loader send me a link for a yt vid that says it ilh*mad hacker

  8. The USB Loader channel! I can tell that’s the same animation used for SSX Blur’s disc channel animation :p

  9. lol world of goo music : P

  10. @uarecaught well,it is at 10% you might brick your wii….

  11. Also, what does the USB loader do though?

  12. Is there any risk of my Wii getting bricked if I install these channels? Please confirm it because I’m still scared and unconfident.

  13. What system software do you use?

  14. cheers man, nice channel.

  15. i have gecko os, but can’t seem to get to able to use wiiware games or virtual console games with it, it only works for disks…does anybody know the problem and how to fix it?

  16. works quite well
    the geckos os theam is a bonus :P

  17. Can you tell me how to get it?

  18. How do you get it? Tell me?

  19. How to you get them? Like I downloaded the files but dont know what to do.

  20. So that mean i don’t have to download Bootmii/preloader or starfall. i can download Gecko 0S and that it?

  21. No, but you can if you want, the channels are tested and brick free ;)

  22. thanks so much man this saves me a couple seconds when i want to use cheats LOL

  23. Do i need preloader/bootmii/starfall with it?

  24. ok wat do u do after u have saved the gecko on ur sd card? how do u put it on ur wii?

  25. OMG, OMG, UGOTHACKED, I need to texture hack mario kart wii NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! Help me fix the stupid evil nintendo ios249, I NEEEEEEEEED It UGOTHACKED I NEEEEEEEED IT!

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