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[Easy] Wii 4.3 Homebrew/SoftMod & USB Loader Hack Guide

Hack your Wii 4.3 to play Wii games off an external USB HDD, with the quickest method. If you softmodded then update, you need to downgrade. This is basically, a guide with 5 Steps (6th optional step) to install the Homebrew channel, SoftMod your Wii 4.3, and several more to use an external HDD (USBLoader) to play your Wii games. You can fit an average of 250 Wii games in a 1 TB HDD! All files are provided below. Wii 4.3 PDF Guide [SoftMod, USBLoader] Wii 4.3 SoftMod + USBLoader Files tags: xbox xbox360 psp softmod Wii 4.3 Homebrew channel usb loader gx 4.4 4.2 4.1downgrade update
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  1. @eXsoR65 You could use that too.

  2. Can i use a Kingston 16GB UBS for the games or it has to be a Ex. HDD???

  3. posted on my birthday OHH YEAHH!

  4. @cklily15 One 512 MB SD card is big enough to store everything to hack your Wii. USB Loader is to play Wii games, but if you just want SNES games, you can store a good amount on the sd card, as each ROM averages like 1 MB. You wouldn’t even need your 500 GB hard drives unless you wanted to play N64/Wii/Gamecube games.

  5. okay, i am new to this stuff but want to get a super nintendo emulator on my wii, can i do this without an sd card, i have 2, 500 gb hard drives some 16 gb flash drives and all the emulator files i want, but they are configured for computer, not sure if it makes a difference, i also have a mini sd that fits in a card to go in the wii, its like 512 mb is that big enough to get this stuff on it then use the useloader to put the emulators on?


  7. @spunkflunk Then you can use neogamma to play burned copies if you don’t want to by a new external HDD.

  8. i dont have a usb drive big enough lol its 1gb all wii games are more than 3gbs in sizes. is there no way to use burned games

  9. @cyberman1011 Yes, should not be a problem.

  10. @Maruboro27

    by the way, i have another question. in the tutorial i found, it says to install bootmii as boot2 (if you can). i did, then it said to make a nand backup. after that, backup the files you have to backup to your pc. sooner or later, i decided to stop doing this, so i deleted the homebrew channel. i decided to download the homebrew channel again, but once i get to the hackmii installer menu, can i install bootmii as boot2 again?

  11. @cyberman1011 Yes you will. =]

  12. @Maruboro27

    I first got the Homebrew Channel when I updated to 4.3. I tried using WAD Manager, but it wouldn’t let me. I tried installing cIOS, but it didn’t work either (probably because I had to softmod it). If I use the Wii 4.3 SoftMod + USBLoader guide, will I be able to use NeoGamma, WAD Manager, install cIOS and more?

  13. @Maruboro27 Nothing, it’s just now I can’t use the stupid shop channel due to force update.

    I know there’s a way to get those other channels/games free but I do not have time to hack my Wii. Now unless it’s easier and shorter than getting Isos to work on the Wii with a HDD, then I might have a go.

  14. @OmegaForteX9 First of all, do not update to 4.3. If you update, you will definitely have homebrew removed. Well, theres downgrading back to 4.2, but theres a chance of bricking. Anyways, whats wrong with your softmodded 4.2?

  15. Hey, I think I have version 4.2 and I was wondering if there’s a tutorial for upgrading to 4.3 without having it remove homebrew and usb loader.

    Is there anyway or do I have to upgrade and do everything all over again? (It was hell the first time.)

  16. @modhvadiya101 Yeah it will work. Did you watch the video lol

  17. plzz tell me if this works on wii 4.3 e that has never been sofmodded before

  18. @rsboy786 yeah

  19. does this include neogamma r7

  20. you explained it very well thanks

  21. thanks mate

  22. Thank you for getting right to the point. I Love it.

  23. @Dylan6648 By un-modded I mean as if you never modded it before. There is a way to reset it back to normal though

  24. @salut1245 i hate vista, so i assume 7 is just as bad

  25. By un-modded, do you mean not locked? cause if so, im fucked.

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