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Dragon Media Player For Wii! And Download Link!

Just me showing how the dragon media player works, I never invented this Download link: You will need: 1. A Wii (obviously) 2. Homebrew Channel 3. SD Card and SD card reader 4. Create a folder called " apps " in your SD card 5. Put the folder called " DMP " from the download in the apps folder 6. Create a folder called " Music " 7. Put music in the music folder MAKE SURE ITS A MP3 FILE AND NOT A WMA FILE (wma files wont play) 8. Put your sd card in the wii 9. Go to the homebrew channel 10. Click on Dragon Media Player and click load 11. Go to music file then play your music! I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF THIS BRICKS YOUR WII! THIS IS YOUR CHOICE TO DO THIS SO ITS NOT MY FAULT IF THIS BRICKS YOUR WII! I haven't heard of any ones wii being bricked from this and it shouldnt brick your wii anyway

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  1. @10Gr1fterbang try MPlayer

  2. i have one that makes the light flicker on the wii as it plays music!!

    but i need one that plays videos… and DVDS!!! XDD

  3. lol

  4. nope not at all

  5. ya it is

  6. no your not he didnt make the program

  7. no i will not this is your choice to do this and if you brick your wii its not my fault

  8. yo if this bricks my wii than im gonna be pissed at u and u will be bying me a wii

  9. No problem!

  10. Thanx man!!!!!

  11. and if that doesnt work send me messages

  12. @eafunnyproductions
    just follow the intructions on the side
    Click ” more info ” and follow

  13. why wont my play da music please answer… iput the music in mp3 from limewire

  14. Cool Im gonna get this once I get my homebrew channel setup. Its better then playing music in the photo channel anyway.

  15. nice i have this too! cool

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