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Autoboot NeoGamma R7 Channel & .Dol by Victory144 …

A demonstration of a fellow youtubers custom wii channel banner and icon gfx designs.

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  1. Yo tengo uno asi, pero no me entra el juego de Mario, debe ser q olvide instalar una cosa, pero otra, como personalizaste tu canal?? el q sale estilo super Mario RPG

  2. man, does the neogamma replace the original emulator???? or you have both.

  3. Oh ok,i thought using the neo gamma would be the right thing to play new games,im not sure how u load ios files,i was playing around with it yest but was a bit confused,cheers though!

  4. yes it detects settings automaticly but people having prob with new games should look into IOS requirements like a trucha signed IOS53 is required to play the new Super Mario Bros Wii for example ;)


    for more info on that

  5. cheers 4 the reply m8,iv found the latest beta 12,after i save that and put it on my card,does it go on it with any other files and does it automaticlly cos havin a bit of trouble playing my new games at mo!

  6. Just google NeoGamme R8 Beta thats the up to date one and go to the second result at GBATEMP

  7. heya mate,can u send me the link to download neo gamma r7 and instructions

  8. sure ill send you a link on how to setup for GC backups via neogamma ;)

  9. THANKS alot i will subscribe, can you mend me a personal msg with a link

  10. if you run CMIOS installer and install CMIOS (i use V8) then yes you can NP

  11. k thanks and can you play gamecube games on this?

  12. k thanks and last can you play gamecube games on this?

  13. Visit WADER WIKI and there MYM REPOSITORY and MYMENU sections to learn how to install it on any homebrew wii ;) regardless of FW ;)

  14. I made that to :P for a guy named PUMA at softmii I created The Wii Theme Team bro ;)

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