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Starblade(Full game)- Wii virtual console- Japan only game- HD PVR

This is a game that was unfortunately only released on the Wii virtual console in japan. Luckily because i have a modded wii i was able to get a patched .wad file that works on NTSC-U consoles. This is an arcade perfect version that works with the wiimote! This is one of my favorite games ever but also a very rare game. This is now my favorite home version of the game.he PS1 and 3DO versions are also nice because they have the advanced version with added textures but there's no lightgun support and i believe the frame rate is also lower then the arcade. It also looks a bit like a compressed youtube video. This was recorded with an HD PVR in 480p.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. That’s ok. I’m actually trying to get it for you. I trie4d extracting it from my wii but it just fails to extract. Now i’m gonna search the net for a DL link. That wad is important to me and unfortunately i didn’t back it up. I’ll let you know if i can get it.

  2. I hate to bug you but I’ve looked everywhere, and nobody is seeding the “JPN” torrent (Japanese VC wads torrent) is it possible for you to give a link or email me the wad. I’ll send you my email once I get your conformation.

  3. Cool. I “modded” my wii too with the homebrew channel, and have used wad manager and other apps on homebrew to download *cough cough* free *cough cough* wii ware and VCA, VC games. Do you have the file or WAD file that you downloaded to install this on your wii.

    (typed hurriedly)

  4. If you like platform shooters, you’ll probably LOVE Turrican. Turrican II (Amiga) and Super Turrican (SNES) are the best ones imo, Turrican II being one of my favorite games BY FAR. Plus it easily has my favorite game soundtrack.

    Yeah, I’m working on a overhead shmup inspired mainly by Raiden and Battle Squadron. I have a WIP demo done so I could send it to you through a PM.

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