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Classic Game Room HD – LIFE FORCE for Nintendo NES review

Classic Game Room HD reviews LIFE FORCE for the Nintendo Entertainment System NES video game console! This Konami released SHMUP hit NES consoles in 1988. A revamped version of Salamander (as it was named in Japan), Life Force features exciting horizontal and vertical scrolling shoot em' up space ship madness. Similar to Gradius (very, very similar), Life Force has weapon upgrades, shields, lasers and missiles the glide along the ground and wipe out waves of alien, enemy invaders invading something... or are you invading their homeworld? Who cares. Things explode and you have fun. LIFEFORCE is a great example of an old school arcade style game that was awesome in 1988 and remains awesome in 2008. Cheap to buy, easy to find and loads of fun, Life Force is a must have for retro gamers today. If you like retro gaming, SHMUPS, space ships and Gradius style video games, LIFEFORCE is the NES classic for you! Another old school review show from Classic Game Room here on Nintendo Week! Will Life Force see a remake on the Wii, Xbox 360 XBLA or PS3 in the future?

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  1. i got my classic shooters i got a raiden 2 and a a areo fighters arcade machines

  2. lol…the 5th level is where u need all the power ups that u just lose or else it will be a though job…try to read some pattern when passing the ‘bone-like-shooting’ just like u read the pattern of the flame thrower at the 3rd level…trust me level 6 which is the last stage will need u to have ‘speed’ power ups… :)

  3. I’m a fan of Gradius Interstellar Assault by Konami for Gameboy,; NES Gradius doesn’t do it for me. Your review is showing me I’ve found another Konami shooter from way back that is doing it for me.

  4. you know uyoure in deep shit in gradius games whenyou run out of OPTIONS
    get it

  5. the real spin off of gradius isn’t this game, its parodius, which is available for the sega saturn.

  6. Not really – the arcade “Life Force” games had the same “planet eating monster” plot, but in those you were clearly doing stuff like dodging gastric acid and blasting kidney stones, rather than dodging lava and blasting meteors (it had an announcer telling you what you were up against – quite cool for the time).

  7. didnt this game talk to you like it said level up or something when you picked up a power pod

  8. the plot is this alien ate up galaxies and thats why you see different planets and suns and stuff while you play this game

  9. love the contra sound effects, like youre hitting the core every time!

  10. There was the game similar to this for NES, but it also had an overhead dungeon crawl like Blaster Master? It was “something Force”

  11. OMG! this game brings back wonderful memories! truely one of the best games too!

  12. one of the best games on nes .
    up up dwn dwn left right left right . b ,a , .b .a . start was one of the best cheat codes ever , i always remember this one .

  13. One of the best games I ever played. Where is my Pegasus?

  14. this game owned gradius

  15. i played that game a lot of time when i was 6-9 years old

  16. My dad said there was this powerup where missle things would go up and down to destroy an enemy. But he didnt know the game. I think this is it

  17. airbuster for gensis is better

  18. Man the childhood memories… Aww man fell in love with shmups playing this game. I can honestly say this was my first. Oddly enough I had this game before I had Gradius for the nes.

  19. And i used to have this game in a 16 games in one cartrige, along with Contra, Castlevania, Rockman, Rygar and other games… almost 20 years ago. Just love Life Force till today!

  20. I wish they could make 2 versions of this videos: 1 with their voices and another without.

  21. thank you, I did start of by collecting this, and now it’s my favorite co-op AND shooter game.

  22. smb2 had a spaceship

  23. try VNES. If u wanna play gradius there r PC remakes of it all under its europian name Nemesis. Plus a co-op online versioncalled Nemesis Online

  24. any1 knows where i can play this online ? for free=)

  25. 1:52-1:57 made me laugh so hard i wasn’t expecting it.

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