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Wii Blazing Angels Paris La Liberation Ace Part 1 of 3

Wii: Blazing Angels Walkthrough Paris: La Liberation Ace Part 1 of 3 This is how I earned an Ace Rating, and a Distinguished Service Cross in Paris: La Liberation. In this mission you will have the choice between twenty-four (24) different planes; I recommend flying the FW 190A because it has excellent firepower, good agility and hit points. If you find the FW 190A too difficult to aim then I would recommend flying the Hurricane II because it has the best agility and excellent firepower. You must complete this mission in thirteen minutes (13:00) or less and you must shoot down a minimum of ten (10) enemy German fighter planes, two hundred (200) German tanks and three (3) German ships. If you are trying to earn an ace rating and a Distinguished Service Cross then you must destroy all of the planes, tanks and ships in this mission on your own; basically that means you must keep your wingmen in defense formation for the majority of the mission. However, if you are just trying to complete this mission alive, then by all means use your wingmen as much as possible. This mission can be a little confusing because there are so many different areas of activity and so many different targets, so to begin we must clarify the battlefield and explain / label the main battle zones. Basically there are five (5) distinct areas that need to be cleared of German infantry: 1) The easiest to recognize of all the landmarks is the Eiffel Tower; the tallest building in Paris, the Eiffel Tower ...

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  1. this mission takes a while for me… ace time around 10mins and i do it in 20 mins XD

  2. @littledutchboy1996

    Yeah, in my opinion, this is the hardest mission of the game. I recommend flying the FW 190A, make sure you upgrade it in the standalone mode. Try not to use your wingmen, and fly like a maniac! I have written a VERY detailed walkthrough for Paris, just read through description section. Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions after you read the descriptions.

  3. I CAN NOT BEAT THIS…….what plaine do you suggjest

  4. i have so much trouble w/ this level. I either run into buildings, or once ive saved the Eifell tower and Are d’Triomphe the french try to storm the bridges and get owned. :(

  5. @BrickkyKid

    Yeah, I would like to see the Berlin mission expanded.

  6. this level has gud graphics on wii not perfect but its ok luv it i wish the game was a bit longer tho too short

  7. this mission fuck me up!!!

  8. @WiiWalkthroughVideos Or just for added irony! :-D

  9. I much preferd to have Joe i find Tom nearly useless I am good a evadeing planes.

  10. i can never pass this level

  11. Yeah… it would be nice to keep Joe for the whole game.

  12. too bad joe isnt there, its a pain when u take damage when everything was so easy back then. NIce walkthrough

  13. I use the Focke Wolf 190a because it has the best firepower, and agility and good defense… I could use the Spitfire X but I like the FW 190a best…

  14. uh y did u use a german plane when ur fightn the frickn germans

  15. I think the Focke Wolfe is the best plane, and I like using it over any other plane.. that is why as soon as I unlocked it, I upgraded it and used it in most of the mission after that.

  16. why did you use the focke wulf when you unlocked? i will use the p-51 mustang

  17. I would like to do a walkthrough for Blazing Angels 2… but they don’t make a wii version!

  18. u should do a walkthrough on blazing angles 2 bro

  19. joe and frank are heaps funny

  20. i like joe when he say he’s shooting at you like a pork on a stick i think that hows he says it

  21. I Know

  22. No he doesnt he’s cooler than you!!

  23. joe sucks but my mom likes hom and i dont know how im going to repar my plane and agin can joe even shoot!

  24. haha, I know exactly what you mean… I agree! Joe was the most useful wingman.

  25. poor joe,tom would be better to die because i never use his stupid command.

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