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Punch-Out!! Wii TIPS & CHEATS (headgear, health recovery…)

Easy way to get the headgear - health recovery between rounnds - health recovery while opponent is down... MORE PUNCH-OUT TIPS & CHEATS WITH VIDEOS:

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  1. Can you really get headgear?

  2. My record is bad but i keep trying my hardest damn you sandman… Ruining my ok record…

  3. Wow, Glass Joe has the best record in the WVBA, even better than Sandman!

  4. NOT WORTH getting the helmet..

  5. @81kamill Which site and why?

  6. @CheatBob Thanks for showing this video.

    Not criticizing ya or anything. These people that come to this site prove just how lazy and uneducated they are.

  7. These are not even really useful by my opinion and view.
    And why are some of you idiots on here commenting on this video with purely retarded questions..?

    Can’t you morons read..? Or is that to hard for you lazy types to consider?

    This video is meant to show you what happens when you do this or that.

    Not to have you un educated fools comment the way you do.

  8. It’s to get the heagear faster…

  9. theres one thing i dont like in this vid, why the hell did he decie to do the 100 ko thing on glass joe, he should have lost to kaiser 100 times, not glass joe.

  10. for the headgear just lose to MR.SANDMAN 100 times its much easier… though im probabley gonna end up do that since im stuck on Bald Bull

  11. lol and it aint choclate

  12. I just love glass joe new record XD

  13. @yoshiguy56 u suck he is just doing it for our vewing plesure

  14. I understand about the suckage and/or completionist thingie, but is there any respectable Punch-Out player who would want to lose 100 times? To Glass Joe none the less? I’m already ashamed enough he beat me once in title defense mode and became the freakin’ champion because I didn’t expect him to fight back this way.

  15. The headgear thing’s cool, but who doesn’t know the ‘mash 1 and 2 to get health’ cheat?

  16. i’ve got the headgear lol but i did get to soda popinski before getting it

  17. Glass Joe’s gotta be enjoying his career now.

  18. is Punch-out a disc based game for the wii?

  19. Well no offence to you, but he was losing on pupose to get the headgear.

  20. Less? Not any, at least to the head? Rats…

  21. No offence, but you suck at Punch-Out.

  22. Head gear with ( King hippo )

  23. The whole point of the headgear is so that people who suck get it, but I suppose some people want 100% completion including said headgear.

  24. yeah you have to wait until he attacks you. why not Mr.Sandman?!

  25. 7:13
    Same question.

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