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New Super Mario Bros Wii – Unlimited 1up’s Trick

In this video i present 2 different locations where you can get combo's going to receive unlimited 1Up's. In case your having trouble making it through the game, use these little tricks to help you along the way. First location is about half way through world 3 level 2, just past the checkpoint Second location is at the end of world 7 level 4, where the 3rd gold coin is.

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  1. First glitch if you try to do something like that you lose lives or points.

  2. @KiKiLo7418 LMAO check what Machinima’s video says at the top left corner when the video starts

  3. This work in New Super Mario Bros. DS?

  4. 2:14 oww

  5. Please. I can get infinite 1-ups in several bullet bill levels. This one, the one in world 9, the last scene in that one in world 7, the cavern just beneath you in this scene, even the bullet bill mini levels for mushrooms in world 6.

    You could also do the 6-castle2 infinite coin glich. Very little effort in that.

  6. aaaaaaagggggg that 1UP sound

  7. you can get yoshis on the first one

  8. I did this before. Its not that hard. Just get the rhythm and repeat.

  9. stop! you already have 99!

  10. Im with you mario mite die

  11. WOW u r so good at this

  12. Thats super skill work. Nice job. :D

  13. or if you spin jmp on them. it makes it easier for 1-up combos/

  14. these ways suck

  15. i dont really find this way good, it was extremly hard, try w2-2 at the flag and sink into the pit, ull find a secret place there

  16. i really hope something bad happens to you.

  17. the second trick reminded me one of the special world levels in kaizo mario world!

  18. It’s cool

  19. yes loool

  20. Awesome game I got it for free at nicegames [DOT] INFO

  21. and in 0:01 it says by duvalak47

  22. @KiKiLo7418 lol fail?

  23. machinima didnt do this video its duval , look when does hin do this video and when machinima do the ther video

  24. The first 1 is ezer if u use yoshi in the top block b4 the bullet bills

  25. 99, 99, 99, 99, 99, 99, 98! lol

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