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New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Secret Goal World 1 to World 8 on Dolphin SVN R 4710

World 1-3 Secret Goal: Use a propeller suit or a Yoshi to jump up above the ceiling a little ways after the midpoint of the level. Your character will go off screen but you will be able to run to the right. Go all the way to the right up here and you will enter a pipe that will lead you to the secret goal. This will unlock the Warp Cannon to World 5. World 5-Ghost House Secret Goal: From the start; go all the way to the lower right of this large room. You will find a small alcove with a single fake door to the far lower right. In this alcove, walk through the fake wall to the left to find a hidden door. This door will lead you to a room which will then lead you to the secret goal. This secret goal will open up the Warp Cannon which will shoot you to World 8. Dolphin used SVN R 4710. Full playable. Full speed, lag with Camtasia Studio. Specs: Core2 Duo E7400 NVidia GeForce 9600GT 2GB DDR2 Windows Seven x86 (32Bit) Home
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. it looks better on the wii but also its awesome that u have that game in ur computer

  2. i am getting the game today at walmart yesssss!!!!!!!

  3. (this is my brother on my account.)

    Yoshi, coins, goombas, koopas and Mario looked fake!

  4. nice dude

  5. Search for torrent

  6. Tks

  7. lame

  8. yoshi and enimeis look fake lol

  9. i new that one in the first place it was easy

  10. Yeah, the lighting’s broken on whatever cracked copy you’ve got here.

  11. OMG! on your computer thingy the yoshi, goombas, koopas, pirahna plants, coins, and a few other things look weird…

  12. Shit this wasnt in the guide book

  13. you work to it

  14. where you download the rom??? 5/5

  15. checck out my new super mario bros. wii video’s. kind of blury. but really good

  16. Nice edit

  17. World 4 cannon: In the fortress, you know the part with all the blocks falling down, and with the star coin at the top? well, right when you get into that room, run all the way to the opposite wall (before the blocks get to you), and jump. There’s a little pattern in the wall, and it’s actually a secret passageway with a pipe. Once you finish that it’ll lead you to the cannon

  18. how do you open world 4

  19. Woah, this wii emulator is a good one. o_o

  20. awsome quality but yoshi looked flat

  21. what were you running dolphin on? it seemed to be a bit slow at parts. Yoshi looked bad :P

    useful video

    i wonder how it would run on a macbookpro 2.2 with 2gb ram. I have a wii but there are a few games that i wouldn’t mind trying aka punchout / muramasa / boy and his blob. I don’t feel like buying many wii games these days.

  22. @poricocoo Ok, next…

  23. uh… you went to world 5.
    not world 8.

  24. for the puritans, this video si about a emulation ,if you disagree with emulation, this is not the place for you , if you have a wii good for you but please don’t waste our time with bullshit ok

  25. cheap pirate!!!
    hope nitendo trace u down and sue your as*

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