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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Codes

Level 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii being completed while using a few codes... New Super Mario Bros. Wii codes can be found at: Most of the codes used in this video are by brkirch (me) and have not been released yet. A modified version of this code was also used: Transformation [T83LIN\SirPalax\g6flavor] 20C69D08 00001000 82210001 0154CCE4 86000001 00000001 84210001 0154CCE4 2554CCE4 00000006 0554CCE4 00000000 E0000000 80008000 20C69D08 00000400 CC000000 00000000 0554C874 00000030 E0000000 80008000 2154C874 00000030 04354E80 00000002 E0000000 80008000 *Single Player Only* *Press - to Change Suit* *Press B to enable Star Power\Yoshi* *Yoshi only appears on Screen Refresh When Star Power is enabled* This video is available for download at
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  1. @badoing2000 you need to downlaod ‘em to your computer,have an sd card reader and sd card,then watch videos on you tube to see how to instal them on your wii.

  2. @themegablueyoshi but how do you download them and where do you download them i go onto that weird wii shop thing which is already installe don my wii then it just says wii shop and says its loading i waited for hours and nothing happened 3 hours to be exact!

  3. where do you enter them , can someone please respond back so my brother will shutup.

  4. @natal115 have to have homebrew channel and gecko os

  5. how can you ‘put he codes???

  6. @teresa2834
    by acking ur wii ( dont do it ) :(

  7. how do u use them?????

  8. @JGM10107 there actullaly larry

  9. those are alot of iggys

  10. everyone all you need to do to get codes is download ocarina gecko os and cheat code manager

  11. how do u use them

  12. how do u use the codes! :[

  13. how come when i try i get wii error 002?


  15. WHAT IS DA CODES1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. why can you not tell how you use the codes lol

  17. dud how do u type the code?

  18. the boss koopas = goombas thing is cool and so is the ability to throw pows, yoshi’s and the clown flyer things.

  19. where do i type codes????????????????????????

  20. 1 hod did you do that
    2 where do you enter the code(s)
    3. that was sick
    4 that was sick
    and 5 that was sick

  21. Wow that is so cool! There are so many cheatsy koopas which makes it even
    funnier! HA HA HA!!! I like to watch people doing hacks anyway that’s why I love it so much! And that’s a good hack.

  22. Soo u use like a action replay or something….. Can some one help me I wanna do that?

  23. to many larry cheatsy koopa

  24. @THEMAN4568 ya where?

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