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Modern Warfare 3: Every title and emblem.

READ THE DESCRIPTION. [Missing titles/emblems] Some titles/emblems may be missing as it is the Wii version. On Wii, there is no Clans, no CoD elite (*cough*lol money whores*cough*) [Hacks] YES. I have been using hacks, yes, I am homosexual, yes I failed my life, and yes I am Justin Bieber. Why do you care if hacks were used or not? This videos is made to show every titles and emblems for peoples who wants to know how to unlock them. [Quality] Why do you guys care about the quality? I am playing on the Wii, recording with a Dazzle DVC100. This video's title is "Every titles and emblems", not "me showing an awesome quality" Anyway, thanks for the +30k views, I would never have expected that much :D Some peoples seems to have been looking for this video for a while, so don't hesitate to give it to your friends, they may be looking for it as well :) [Thieves] Don't try to steal this video, or I'll send a copyright complain to youtube. Just like I did to those videos. Original description: Using hacks, I could unlock every emblems and every titles on the Wii version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Here are all the differents emblres/titles and how to unlock them. Enjoy ;) [13/12] One month after the upload of this video, it reached about 220k views, and 1234 thumbs up ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. @MW3JtagLobby can u invte me my GT is BiRdOnCrAcKmAn

  3. You guys are idiots it’s on wii

  4. @Codmonsta247 because its the wii i think

  5. U only know how to do it on the wii? U think u could do it for ps3

  6. @koolguy742 no one , even if he’s beast n playin’ 24 hours a day can get all of it . seriously we need a hack in here !

  7. Just saying wheres Elite?

  8. anybody can cheat and get them all you sad sad prick get out of mammys and daddys house and get a life 

  9. he probly got reported. when reported u get deranked and lose everything except ur titles and emblems.

  10. @mbelanger0810 lol he’s lvl 11, 0 prestige, this clip says nothing about how much he plays games, nor whether he has a life or not

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  12. so………hows life in your mammas basement??!!??

  13. ummmmmm fag

  14. Can someone invite me to a hacked lobby please. My username is ru12nvme. PLEASE

  15. anybody else notice that theres not a black background on the killstreak emblems in mw3?

  16. way to go it must have took a ton of effort to sit in a 10th prestige lobby! You must be an amazing player

  17. im gonna bann u hhhhhhhhhhh lmao joking

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  19. Haters gunna haaaate xD Trollolol!

  20. Can someone invite me to a Hacked Lobby  XTHEERAPTIONX

  21. There not in the right places

  22. @koolguy742 Don’t worry, you will learn how to read at the age of 6.

  23. @rocknie2 why are u so angry ? actually my age is clearly stated on my channel. funny how i hardly even play cod. and u need to go outside and calm the fuck down.

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