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Masonic Secret Areas & Invitation to “The Trust”(Illuminati) – The Conduit – Nintendo Wii

full dialogue of ending: *adams* mr ford what an unexpected surprise *ford* adams what sort of game are you playing? *adams* this is no game mr ford, it is deadly serious,the trust has guided this nation for over 200 years to shape it into the preemminent super power of the planet and we will continue to improve it by any means necessary i understand that our methods may appear extreme, but i assure you the country will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever, if you truly want to serve your country, join us, the trust can use people like you *ford* go to hell *adams*pity, ill keep the offer open, but im gonna need that ASE back, one way or another so far the secret areas look the same except for one had a little extra symbolism=) at the end of the video, the character is asked whether there is interest in joining "The Trust" which he describes as an elite group shaping the most powerful nation on earth for the last 200+ years..obviously describing the illluminati
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  1. Now that they are being found out their tactics for mind control is getting a bit ridiculous and obvious.

  2. Damn everything is in plain sight nowadays. You have to be a straight up idiot to ignore things that are SO in your face. I think when people stop keeping things in the dark and start bringing them to light that means that something big is about to go down for the simple fact that the event (whatever it is) is gonna happen soon anyway.

  3. it wud not have been produced if it was anti illuminati…but if it was it wud be part of there method to hide it on plain sight which is the best form of deception..similar to alex jones who himself was/is in the cia

  4. its pro illuminati

  5. Here in a dutch dance festival called dancevalley .


  6. “the country will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever”
    we’re gonna be fucked after the crisis…

  7. Great video, check out my channel!

  8. It seems indifferent. A more don’t know don’t care sort of mood in my opinion.

  9. I cant decide if this game is anti illuminati or pro illuminati!

  10. The blue text in the hallway looks like it’s written in German…

  11. whoa whoa wat did it say at 1:04?

  12. I don’t think there is a movie which is more masonic then this game.

  13. oh yea i noticed that the infirmary in the multiplayer has a masonic floor piece black and white D:

  14. wen i first saw the trailer for this game i knew it off the bak nd the game looks great i wanna buy it , i think the makers of the game are just tryin to aware the public of the illuminati but without actually going balls out and saying it

  15. Is in german it talks about the sacrifice of prometheus.

  16. so does anyone know what the blue plate means b4 you get in to get the special weapon?

  17. mk9 also only uses one ammo unit instead of 6 when shooting 3 at a time

  18. the freemason symbol is on the opening cut scene aswell and aliens reffering to project blue beam dis game is rahh shit im playin it nw lol do not buy it gameboy black and white had better graphics

  19. fuk freemasons

  20. Great, another Norwegian bigot who thinks himself so superior to everyone else. Do yourself a favor and keep your opinions to yourself. Oh, and don’t criticize my saying that you’re a Bigot, most Norwegians are. If you don’t believe me, check the stats; they say Norway has the greatest collective superiority complex of all countries. When Freemasons start bombing your country, then you can say things like that.

  21. its was so funny when u walked thru the door then its like “mission failed” lol

  22. Yea a sniper rifle woulda been awesome, but this is still a pretty good game.

  23. Cool game, that is so in-your-face illuminati symbolism hahah.

  24. The thing about the deatomizer mk9 is not that it shoots 3 shots its that you don’t have to charge it

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