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Mario Galaxy – Wii Powersaves

Fly thought the whole galaxy with all level unlocked and much more.....

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  1. Why you cant play as Luigi?

  2. he could be using ocarina like i do

  3. wrong. Power save is different. action replay is more for CHEATS. power save basically beats the game for you.

  4. does it have stuff like moon jump

  5. everything goes wrong with it!!! when i put my SD card in my laptop it says that there is no space on it when there isnt even anything on the card. It says that “your password and username are correct but your licence key is invalid” it then says “your licence key could be in use by another person!



  7. pleeeeeeeeease make a action replay wiiiiiii!

  8. forget wii speak this thing rocks

  9. is there a way to get your files back on your sd card after you accidentally deleted them?

  10. cant u do other things lije moonjump, infinite health etc

  11. thats awsome

  12. how do you dow land the file?

  13. no Luigi LOL

  14. Why are there 2 Black Lumas in 1 Dome? lol.

  15. Codejunkies rock

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