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GTA IV TBOGT | Secret Cars & Locations Revealed

I am playing Grand Theft Auto IV The Ballad Of Gay Tony online multiplayer. I am showing you positions of some hidden cars, helicopters, and bikes. I will have more GTA IV videos coming soon so please subscribe to me for more. This video shows the following vehicles and locations: 1.Police Cruiser (LCPD Buffalo) 2.Police Bike 3. Police Maverick 4.Police Stinger 5.APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) 6.Sultan RS 7.NRG 900 Bike Showroom 8.Island Jump 9. Skate Park 10.Another Skate Park Please make sure to subscribe to me on my personal channel ExtremeGameTactics and a channel im an uploader to C0DMedia: Also make sure to check out our website where you can find all of the videos that I uploaded conveniently categorized, news, my upload and public event calendar, and exclusive offers of EGT:
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  1. in that scene below the bridge
    friend: how its trafic?’
    raider: jump…fine

  2. the stinger its strange its body back its from a president and the front its from anotrher car iam not remember the name

  3. nice driving

  4. This isn’t a mod. You just have to have the Ballad of Gay Tony DLC and these vehicles will show up in online multiplayer.

  5. @ryanjackson1000 yes

  6. Does this work on ps3 ?

  7. Please rename this video GTA IV TBOGT – What everyone already knows

  8. modder how do you explain the wepond

  9. FAG FAG FAG FAG FAG u suck dick

  10. another infernus at 9:06 !!!

  11. infernus at 7:37 !!!

  12. most of those are only online…

  13. You are a terrible driver

  14. the porche is the fastest

  15. @ExtremeGameTactics And Infernus is faster then Sultan and stinger faster then the Infernus

  16. WHAT THE HELL MAN, i tried the location for the police stinger and it isnt there!!

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