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Goldeneye 007 (Wii)- INFINITE AMMO HACK & MORE!

I filmed this match that unexpectedly turned out to be hacked in a very pointless way. There was infinite ammo and grenades (good), but it was really hard to kill people because they had extra life. Add me: 3100-0422-3423

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  1. @ShadowQuik and you?

  2. @JibbyJhizzable 3100-0422-3423

  3. whats your friend code? wanna be friends? :)

  4. @younglink2791
    that has one specific reason.
    It´s a lot easier to code for all players on that game, but host only is also possible (more time consuming to create). Any hacked match will have all players hacks though ;)

  5. Lol i like hacked games because the affect goes to everybody and makes matches more fun :)

  6. @MasterTizi yeah lol

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