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Donkey Kong Country Returns: 4-K Jagged Jewels (Puzzle Pieces, KONG Letters Guide, Walkthrough) Find all of the Puzzle Pieces in world 4's secret level, 4-K Jagged Jewels, with our in-depth video guide. We'll help you unlock all of Donkey Kong Country Returns's secrets, hidden levels, collectibles, and more.
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  1. So let me get this Straight. If I get all the puzzel pieces for each area. I will unlock a secret level? Is that my understanding.

  2. Those pillars are totally based off of the ones from the Mario games

  3. @jhernandezav Did you even watch the video?!

  4. how you get here?????

  5. this 1 is easy 4 me

  6. @Xaltus i think you mean super mario world

  7. Saw some references of Super Mario World 2 there at 0:32.


  8. thx for all the videos

  9. your guides are great. thanks for these.

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