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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Nazi Zombie INFINITE AMMO CHEAT! (PC only – No downloads required!)

TURN ANNOTATIONS ON! 95% OF ALL PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED IF YOU DO! Here's a short tutorial on how to activate the well-known "infinite ammo" cheat on Black Ops' Nazi Zombie mode. Please keep in mind that, once again, this is PC only! Below is the bind you must add to your config.cfg file. Please note that the key you bind this command to doesn't HAVE to be the P key, but it must be a key that you don't normally use. bind P "sf_use_ignoreammo 1" The config.cfg file can be found in the following directory for Windows XP users: C:/Program Files/steam/steamapps/common/call of duty black ops/players And in the following directory for 64-bit OS users: C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/call of duty black ops/players The other command you need to modify is seta monkeytoy "0" which needs to be replaced with seta monkeytoy "1" I don't know exactly if monkeytoy is needed, but set it just in case.
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  1. it wont let me theres no file called bind p use ginore ammo

  2. any1 know how to get the max money

  3. @Fardus1 in single player it wont work.. never tryd in multiplayer…

  4. what nalestom said does work it also works in story mode aka campaign mode but has to reenabled if you die from a fall, and read only is not set on my file and it works 100%

  5. i just tryed it and having seta monkeytoy to 1 will not make the console appear with the ~ key put it as a 0 will bring up the console with the ~ key

  6. setting seta monkeytoy to 1 disables the console setting it to 0 enables it

  7. (continued from my below post) reload your game up you will start on level 5 again and not level 10 in the main game not the zombie mode but anyways i figured this out when my game would not load the last level i was on when i saved i dont know why people tell you to make it read only when having it not read only or read only THE CHEATS WORK REGARDLESS OF HAVING THE CONFIG FILE SET TO READ ONLY OR NOT so it does not matter to set this on the file from my experimenting with this it is NOT NEEDED

  8. people if you make this config file read only dont expect it to save your game it will act like your game did save but when you reload your game it will start on the last save you did before you made the file read only cause in this config file it saves what level or checkpoint you made it to incase you quit or if your pc crashes having read only it will not write this info to this file so if you last saved at say 5 levels in and you made it read only and got to say the 10th level when you

  9. @kipkip123thomas it can only be done if you are the host

  10. @newsadfs IT IS OMG, I swear this is like the 8th time im saying this, THE CHEAT WORKS ON ZOMBIE MUTLIPLAYER TOO YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THE FKING HOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @kipkip123thomas u have to be host

  12. @Prince89x you cant get banned for this, its in the console, in the game already

  13. @Babooshka00 open it with wordpad

  14. Unable to open the config.cfg file. I checked the ”read only” box but it still isn’t openeble.

  15. and dude… i also want it in the lines u have bcuz i cant find the ignore ammo there is no plus thing when i right click “sigh” help

  16. this is not on multiplayers right? i dont think so xD

  17. Don’t put the bind at the bottom of the page put the bind where the binds end in the config file, this might work because this works for me

  18. first off it’s not online cheats it’s offline secondly did you set read only close the game and re open and open zombies i have 1 binded “god” 2 “perk_weapratemultiplier 0.01″ 3 “noclip” 4 “g_speed 300″

  19. i did that tim and it still doesnt work

  20. i did that tim and it still doesnt work

  21. Great video, but every time i hit the key that i progrmam it to do it doesn’t work.

  22. Its “bind F2 “sf_use_ignoreammo 1″
    When you´re host pres F2 and you have infinitive ammo =)
    It works 100%

  23. @TerriHogan1 That is not possible …. i think

  24. will it mess up your computer?

  25. how do u no u wont get banned from this

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