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NBA 2K13 – MyPLAYER Store & Closet | Accessories Ain’t Free This Year | Choose Your Purchases Wisely

NBA 2K13 - MyPLAYER Store & Closet | Accessories Ain't Free This Year | Choose Your Purchases Wisely Hey wassup everyone, in this NBA 2K13 video I will show ya'll all the items that you can purchase from the MyPLAYER Store, such as Premium tops, Plain Tops, Bottoms, & Accessories. I will...
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  1. 18

  2. Yea

  3. do you have to be online to do these things

  4. how old do you have to be to go online somebody reply

  5. 400 for rubber bands…DAMN!

  6. Wish u can buy better tattoos

  7. Lol ” do I want this freethrow shot or this headband” lol

  8. no

  9. does anyone know if you can wear whatever team clothes you want? In mycareer im on the 76ers but im a spurs fan in life so i was wondering if i wear spurs clothing while playing with 6ers will that bring down my popularity or team chemistry anything along those lines?

  10. Destroy your ps3 that’s the only way

  11. Can someone plz help me every time I try to go to my closet they say I need to be signed in but I have internet and my ps3 automatically connects to the internet. I even tested by going online on nba 2k12. Someone plz help cause I can’t get any vc till I can sign in and I need this for my myplayer

  12. He dosent do glitches/bugs.

  13. when are u out of the game

  14. Do i need xbox live for a purchase of arm sleeve

  15. lol, you prolly just saved him 500 bucks

  16. I kinda like the idea of having to buy snapbacks, and suits for your guy to wear, but I wish they just let you have shooting sleeves and high socks. I mean, even the most underpaid rookie can afford a 24 dollar sleeve, or a 12 dollar pair of socks.

  17. why is there no My player store for pc?

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